Volume 1 - Favorite Cheers

Volume 1 - Favorite Cheers
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Coach Julie Cheers, Volume 1 - Favorite Cheers! Features motion training and 15 fun cheers for cheerleaders ages 10+. Each cheer is taught from the front and back. Individual and group cheers are shown. Video includes detailed motion instruction and drills, personal messages from our CJC cheerleaders and even some of our bloopers! DVD-R format. 42 minutes.

Perfect instruction for all star teams, community (Pop Warner, AYC, AAU) & middle school and high school squads! Learn and teach proper motion tech and get your entire squad to do the same cheers the exact same way!

Community & School Coaches & Cheerleaders - DVD Volumes 1 & 2 have enough cheers to get your team ready to cheer at games!

All Star Coaches & Cheerleaders - Our motion drills ensure sharp execution and the cheers reinforce technique!

The best value in the Cheer WorldTM!

Cheerleading has abig enough for all our dreamsTM!

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